Sequential marking is used to produce a unique identifying feature on individual products during production.

    • The technology can generate an extremely large number of variables in a small area
    • The features can be pre-set by the user prior to production producing a sequence only known to themselves for identification and traceability;
    • The marking system can be encrypted to further increase security;
    • The system can also be remotely programmed to eliminate the actual producers from the security system;
    • The system is of ultra-high precision and of low cost in use;
    • The system does not contaminate the product, is totally passive, and is not affected by outside electronic influences;
    • The features can be used in isolation or in combination with other security systems.
    • The features can be read, identified and compared with a database using a SofMat developed reader and / or a smartphone.

It is generally applied during production of items however SofMat are further developing the process to allow post-production bespoke sequential marking for clients. If you are interested in this area of application please do get in touch via our ‘Contact’ page.