SofMat technology can be used to produce a unique identification code on pills that can then be used for traceability back to the point of manufacture.  SofMat’s USP is that the technology platform is passive and can be used on product (direct marking on drugs), internal and external packaging;

The system is fully compatible with any encoded track and trace system, SofMat technology adds an additional layer of security.

High Value goods

In addition to the patent protected technology platform SofMat has also developed other in-house technology for bespoke marking of a range of high value luxury goods, i.e. watches, jewellery, branded products & high value beverages.

Please get in touch using our ‘Contact’ form if you wish to discuss in more detail these alternative technologies and how SofMat can help provide bespoke solutions to your brand protection / anti-counterfeiting challenges.


SofMat technology can be applied to products & their packaging to allow for easy authentification of products / goods throughout the supply chain.  Bespoke client markings can be applied to packaging materials down to 20 microns thickness.  SofMat can mark packaging with an identical, or encrypted matching, code to the product for additional security.  This allows linking of packaging and product in a way not possible using standard track & trace technologies.