SofMat Ltd have developed a platform technology that is used to confirm the authenticity of products.

The patented process involves the controlled application of micron and sub micron markings onto surfaces both during and post production. These markings are invisible to the naked eye and for additional security can be hidden in other features on product surfaces, giving the potential for both overt and covert protection.

The images above show a 10 pence piece (which is 24.5mm in diameter).  On the left-hand image the ‘nose’ of one of the lions is circled, the central image shows a magnified view of the circled area to the same overall size of the 3D SofMat ant which is shown in the right-hand image.

The batch marking technology is used to identify batches of product rather than unique, individual product identification; it can feature any client bespoke image or identification code.

  • The markings can be applied to both product and packaging;
  • The technology involves reproducing a known image in 3D form on the client product;
  • This 3D feature is less than 1mm in size and is hidden on the product;
  • The feature contains a number of steps making replication difficult;
  • The feature can be identified by the client using the SofMat developed reader to produce a yes / no for verification of identity;
  • The markings can be applied to materials down to 20 micro metre in thickness;
  • The features can be applied either during or post production.
  • The markings provide a number of levels of security each one increasing in complexity.