The Problem
The problem of counterfeit products is not new but it has increased in recent years
due to globalization and on-line trading. Counterfeit products affect all areas of life
from clothing, food, pharmaceuticals and transport. Although the use of some
counterfeit products is seen as innocuous, ie clothing, but income from these funding
streams have been shown to finance other illegal activities. The other extreme
involves fake food products (baby milk that resulted in a number of deaths), fake car
parts (brake pads that resulted in brake failure) and fake pharmaceuticals. The
increase in on-line selling of products has increased dramatically with a number of
sites selling fake goods even though security measures are in place.
The problem of fake pharmaceutical products is global and has been estimated at
$200 billion in 2019 and is growing.

SofMat Ltd uses core competencies in manufacturing, material properties and
surface metrology to produce novel methods for the marking of surfaces and
subsequent identification & authentication of these markings.
The SofMat Ltd patented platform technology provides bespoke custom made
solutions to identify counterfeit products using a highly secure combination of crypto-
anchors paired with blockchain technologies.
This platform helps us detect and isolate counterfeit goods at any point of the supply
chain. All this without adulterating the product.
SofMat has developed a passive technology platform unique in this field that
encodes products or components during manufacture

  • Enabling identification throughout the supply chain;
  • Providing a number of layers of product / brand security, overt and/or covert,
    each with increasing complexity.